On guys the Titans shouldn't cut now

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- As the new NFL year draws near its March 11 start, I've heard from plenty of fans who want this guy or that guy gone.

But it's an error to presume the Tennessee Titans are going to cut the guy you don't like or feel needs to be upgraded.

Tennessee will likely part ways with some guys because of costs. I highlighted the potential big savings with guys like Chris Johnson, who the Titans may not make a decision on until later, David Stewart and Kamerion Wimbley.

Maybe they part with a guy or two the new staff just doesn't see making the roster and being a contributor.

But two guys who've come up in some recent Twitter conversations -- linebackers Colin McCarthy or linebacker Moise Fokou -- shouldn't be in any jeopardy now. Nor should, in my estimation, tight end Taylor Thompson.

The time for a change with guys like that isn't going to be now.

They have potential to contribute. They get fresh starts with Ken Whisenhunt and the new staff. They should get increased competition.

The most important thing they get is a chance to make an impression, and that comes in the offseason program, in organized team activities and in training camp.

Cutting them now serves no purpose. They don't begin collecting salaries until Week 1, so it wouldn't save any money. They roster has room to grow, so they don't need a spot.

This is a time for adding to big rosters, not subtracting -- unless you're parting with a guy for a significant savings or for a significant change.

None of those three would bring either.

The Titans have just six draft picks, and while they can add a good deal in free agency, they want to position themselves with as many options as possible right now, not reduce the pool from which they'll be crafting a roster.

McCarthy and Fokou are currently among the team's top five linebackers. If the team adds free agents and or draft picks at the position, they could be bumped down a spot or two.

The time to determine fits and roles, to place the group in order and to decide the cutoff line comes at the end of camp.