One way for Titans to get a third-rounder

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –- George Woodard posed a good question this morning about one route for the Titans to get back into the third round of May's draft.

Tennessee dealt its pick away last year to move up to get receiver Justin Hunter in the second round.

Let’s look at two draft trade value charts to answer your question, George.

On what's regarded as the old, traditional chart, you are right on target.

The No. 11 pick is worth 1,250 points, the No. 14 pick is worth 1,100 and the No. 15 pick is worth 1,050.

A trade down to 14 would net 150 points, which is the value of the 88th pick overall, a third-rounder.

A trade down to 15 would net 200 points, which is the value of the 78th pick, a third-rounder.

Teams are generally too married to this chart, or their version of it. But in a general sense, your idea would be one way for the Titans to get back into the third round.

But Pittsburgh traded it's 2014 third-round pick (tentatively 83rd overall) to Cleveland. The Steelers could be looking to get back into the third round; they won't be able to deal out of it. Chicago is slated to draft 82nd overall in the third round.

Obviously the Titans would have to feel there was someone they still loved at No. 14 overall and the Bears would have to want to move up for someone. It could be realistic.

Kevin Meers looks very thoroughly at the faults of that draft value chart in this piece, and I’ll confess on a first read through I don’t fully understand how to translate the numbers. Perhaps you will.