RTC: Should Titans look at veteran RBs?

Reading the coverage of the Tennessee Titans ...

The Titans could pursue a running back in free agency, says Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean. The prime guys are Ben Tate, Darren McFadden and Donald Brown.

To which I say: They’re going to get out of one bad running back situation with Chris Johnson. Taking on Tate or McFadden, who struggle with injuries and are unlikely to come close to matching Johnson’s durability could be a giant mistake. I’d be fine with Brown if the price is right, but his best work has come against the Titans, which I fear makes him more attractive than he should be. They should not be giving any sort of big contract to a veteran back a year after they gave Shonn Green $10 million over three years. The guy to be interested in now is Darren Sproles, and I have a sense they are curious about him.

The Titans are interested in Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones, says Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

Rating the Titans' free-agent decisions in the past, from Wyatt.

To which I say: A good percentage of these are rated “right call” and I agree. Bemoan the Titans’ overall failures, but they are right far more often than they are wrong when they let free agents walk.

The holes on the Titans' depth chart as free agency opens, from Tom Gower of Total Titans.

Chris Johnson will have trouble finding big money in this market since teams are questioning his work ethic, says Mike Freeman of

Bleacher Report.

Alterraun Verner covered in-routes very well. That’s part of this very thorough analysis of Verner’s entire 2013 season from Cian Fahey of Bleacher Report.