How often will the Titans pass?

The 2012 Tennessee Titans gave up a franchise-record 471 points, the most in the league.

Last season the team fared far better, cutting that 19.1 percent to 381.

The old regime and players spoke a great deal about how the improvement was substantial as the Titans went from suffering blowouts to losing close.

But these charts from Pro Football Focus reveal some interesting nuggets.

While the Titans allowed 90 fewer points in 2013 and scored 32 more, those changes didn't lead to a significant difference in the amount of time the Titans had the lead.

The Titans led just 24 percent of the time, and that was actually down 1 percent from 2012.

The other chart details how frequently the Titans passed overall (59 percent), when they had the lead (47 percent), when they trailed (65 percent) and when they were tied (55 percent).

All four of those numbers were below the league average.

That’s not surprising. Under Mike Munchak the Titans pledged to be able to run when they wanted to. In 2013 they made a significant investment in revamping the offensive line and remained dedicated to leaning on Chris Johnson more than Jake Locker or Ryan Fitzpatrick. Both quarterbacks had limitations.

I expect those numbers will change with Ken Whisenhunt running the offense.

Free-agent addition Dexter McCluster is a running back to whom the Titans plan on throwing a lot of passes. Some of those short passes will function as an extension of the running game.

That means the Titans are likely to pass the ball more and run it less.

In six seasons, Whisenhunt’s Cardinals threw the ball 65.1 percent of the time, maxing out at 67.1 percent in 2008 and with a low of 61.6 percent in 2007.