On RB finances, Chris Johnson's status

Why are the Titans planning on getting out of the Chris Johnson business?

It's about a lot more than his $8 million scheduled base salary, but that's a big part of it.

Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus offered up this from 2008 and this from 2014 to illustrate what has happened to running back value in the NFL.

A top free agent back gets less than half the money in total that a top free agent back got guaranteed just six years before.

I don't know if the Titans are getting closer to conclusion of the CJ situation.

The answer from the Titans has not changed a lot.

GM Ruston Webster reiterated on The Midday 180 on Tuesday there is no ticking clock for a resolution.

"We are kind of going through our options now, working though that," Webster said. "My job as GM is to do my due diligence and make sure that whatever it is it's the right thing. And that's just what we are trying to do. We'll see where it goes. There is no real timetable, but I will say this: I know for Chris' sake I would like to make it work sooner rather than later."