Bironas cut another statement on value

The Titans aren’t waffling on value, and their fans should take that as a good thing.

Chris Johnson is not going to be on the 2014 Titans, because they can’t make an $8 million base salary and 3.9 yards per carry from 2013 jibe.

Object to Charlie Whitehurst if you will, but the production they got from Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t match up to a $500,000 roster bonus and a $3.25 million base salary.

And while Rob Bironas was still a good field goal kicker, they are parting ways with him because they don’t feel his production is worth a $250,000 roster bonus due this week, along with the subsequent $2.875 million base salary.

Bironas' performance on kickoffs has taken a step backward over the past three seasons; 56.4 percent of his kickoffs were touchbacks in 2011, 50 percent in 2012 and 38.6 percent in 2013.

That’s a sign of diminishing leg strength.

His field goal accuracy is still good, but compared to his peers, he's not what he once was.

In 2010 he ranked third in field goal percentage, in 2011 fourth, in 2012 26th and in 2013 20th.

The team did well to find and develop Bironas in 2005.

The Titans will now look to follow the same course in 2014.