Having money vs. having to spend money

As of Monday the Tennessee Titans have $10,737,702 in salary cap room, without factoring in their deal with kick returner Leon Washington.

That’s a nice chunk of change -- and there is another $6 million to be saved when the Chris Johnson divorce happens.

Numerous readers have asked me, if the Titans are in such good shape, why not keep Johnson?

If you are paying too much for something, do you keep paying it just because you have the money to do so?

That doesn’t seem to qualify as smart spending to me.

As for the $10.7 million -- it doesn’t have to be burning a hole in their pocket. They can spend some now as they see fit, and save some and carry it over to 2015. They can spend it then on premier people.

Teams have to spend 89 percent of their cap dollars over four years spanning from 2013 to 2016.

The Titans still have plenty of time to do that.

And let’s remember that some of it’s going to go to core players they want to re-sign, presumably Jurrell Casey and Kendall Wright with them hoping for more to emerge.