Examining the Titans' health in 2013

Jake Locker's injuries were a killer for the Tennessee Titans last season.

First a sprained knee and hip cost the starting quarterback two games. He wasn’t quite himself when he returned, maybe in a bit of a hurry. Then, in his third game back, he suffered a season-ending Lisfranc injury to his right foot. He played in just seven games, and he was knocked out of two of those.

Even without their quarterback for nine games, the Titans had a pretty healthy season.

By my count, they missed a total of 22 games from starters on offense and 10 from starters on defense.

Football Outsiders did what it does and created a metric to measure injury impact: Adjusted Games Lost (AGL).

With Football Outsiders' Adjusted Games Lost (AGL) metric, we are able to quantify how much teams were affected by injuries based on two principles: (1) Injuries to starters, injury replacements and important situational reserves matter more than injuries to bench warmers; and (2) Injured players who do take the field are usually playing with reduced ability, which is why Adjusted Games Lost is based not strictly on whether the player is active for the game or not, but instead is based on the player's listed status that week (IR/PUP, out, doubtful, questionable or probable).

In Scott Kacsmar’s piece, the Titans had the NFL’s sixth-lowest AGL in 2013, with low being good. A year earlier they were in the middle of the pack, 15th.

The Colts, who beat the Titans by four games in the AFC South and won both head-to-head meetings in 2013, had the league’s second worst injury season.

Odds are the Colts are healthier in 2014 and the Titans are not as healthy as they were a year ago.