Greene fine with a role in RB committee

Shonn Greene came to the Tennessee Titans as the No. 2 back, a guy the team intended to use mostly in short yardage situations and as it needed a more powerful guy.

With Chris Johnson now gone, Greene is at the front of the Titans' running back line, though the Titans are going to make it a committee and the guy with the best chance at the biggest role will probably be a draft pick.

Greene said Friday on SiriusXM NFL Radio he won't be disappointed if he doesn't wind up No. 1 on the depth chart.

"I'm not going to look at who's starting, I'm not getting this time, that time. That's for the coaches to figure out. As for the players, we've got to do what they say and when we're called upon, do our jobs…"

"Nowadays it's not just one back getting the job done, it's done by committee. I take that as a good thing, because it keeps guys fresh, it keeps guys healthy, no one takes a beating like you once did when you had one back, when you used a [work]horse back. So I welcome all those guys on the roster to come help the team out so we can get where we need to be."

As I was around him some last year, Greene stuck me as an especially mild-mannered back. A lot of running backs show at least a hint of an I-need-the-ball attitude, and selfishness in terms of wanting carries isn't automatically a bad thing.

He's doesn't fit that mold, which will help make life easier for that draft pick and for Dexter McCluster.

Greene suffered a knee injury last season in the opener, needed surgery and missed five games. He never really got on track with 77 carries for 295 yards for a 3.8 yard average and four touchdowns.

The Titans expect much more from him in his second go-round.