Where's Wright rank among No. 1 targets?

Titans receivers coach Shawn Jefferson thinks Kendall Wright can revolutionize the slot position.

Wright ranks as the best player on the offense Ken Whisenhunt is inheriting.

ESPN.com's resident scout Matt Williamson likes Wright, but in his Insider piece on true No. 1 pass-catchers, he ranks 14 guys in five tiers and also mentions 11 guys he ranks as close. He doesn't mention Wright.

"I like him quite a bit," Williamson said when I reached out to ask about Wright. "But it confounds me a little why they don't use him as a deep receiver more. That isn't his fault, but he was a home run threat with RG3 at Baylor and [Tennessee] pretty much uses him only short. Maybe that will change with Whiz.

"I don't think he has quite the upside as most of the guys I listed as 'close' and in a way, I felt like he already 'arrived' unlike those others."

I don't know if I could rank Wright ahead of any of the 14 who made the five tiers.

I would certainly rank him with the 11 guys Williamson tabbed as close -- some of whom (Victor Cruz, Pierre Garcon, Torrey Smith, DeSean Jackson) seem to me to have arrived every bit as much as Wright at this point.

None of the guys on Williamsons list are slot-centric guys like Wright, but he said that's a coincidence more than anything.