Titans use extra offseason time to catch up

New coaches get a two-week head start on NFL offseason programs and a bonus three-day voluntary minicamp during the offseason.

Ken Whisenhunt doesn't view that as time that will help the Tennessee Titans get ahead. He sees it as time the Titans need to catch up, and not enough that they will be caught up once it's over.

“We’re behind,” Whisenhunt said in this piece by David Boclair of the Nashville Post. “This extra two weeks is good but we’re way behind. I mean, we’re putting in a new offense and a new defense and we haven’t done anything with these guys before. We don’t have a 16-game season under your belt where you can look at cut-ups and talk about plays that you’ve run.

“We need the two weeks and hopefully that can help get us going.”

Players got their iPad playbooks at the start of the week.

Cornerback Jason McCourty said he would hurry to learn his to get on the same page with his coaches as quickly as possible and so he can be a resource to younger players looking for guidance.