Watterson working on Warmack's weight

In a recent picture he posted on Instagram, Tennessee Titans guard Chance Warmack was in his familiar pose.

His belly is visible. He’s Warmackin.

I don’t know if it’s a new picture, I don’t know if it’s been run through a special “abdominal filter” that touches him up.

But he looks really good.

[UPDATE 4:09 p.m.: I bumped into Warmack on Tuesday afternoon. It's an old picture.]

He’s tweeted in the last couple months about dieting, and a leaner Warmack will gain quickness and should play better in his second year after a so-so rookie season.

He was listed at 326 pounds last year. But with a heavy player, you never know how accurate the number the team uses.

Titans strength and conditioning coach Steve Watterson was a guest on The Wake Up Zone in Nashville on Tuesday morning.

The Titans' offseason program started on April 7. Player workouts last nearly two hours, and Warmack is part of a group that gets pulled out for the second half for specific work with Watterson.

“I love him," Watterson said of Warmack. “I would say in the last week and a half I don’t know if that’s reciprocated. Because his workout has changed dramatically. I’ve identified a couple of players who I thought could use some sliming. So they are with the main group for only half the work.”

The second half of the workout for Watterson’s special group on Monday went 50 minutes.

“And the longest period break they had at any time was 10 seconds,” Watterson said.

Sounds a lot like your workout, right?