Roos: Titans' pass game changing the most

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans' new schemes and systems will be installed over and over.

The offensive line should finish its first go-round by week's end.

That's according to left tackle Michael Roos, who said he likes the way new line coach Bob Bostad is approaching the job.

Roos has spent his nine-year career working under line coaches Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews, who are both in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for their outstanding NFL playing careers. Now Roos is working under Bostad, who's built his career as an effective teaching coach who developed a lot of talented players at Wisconsin.

"There are definitely, in areas, a lot more terminology, a lot more pieces to the puzzle," Roos said. "I think that could be good in a lot of ways if it adds more confusion and more complexity for the defense to deal with. So it's just a matter of us learning a new language. And who doesn't want to learn a new language at 31-years old?"

Scheme-wise, the run game is a lot like what the Titans have used in recent years, it's just completely different language, Roos said.

"Some of the words are the same but they actually mean a completely different thing," Roos said. "Having to put that all together will take a little bit of time."

The pass game features a lot more different pass protections, more rules and "the whole philosophy of the pass game is completely different than what we've done in the past," he said.

"It'll take time getting used to why we are doing things a certain way and how it'll work and with adding the quarterback in who's able to change things up at any time," Roos said.