Jake Locker as a crossroads QB

Jake Locker qualifies as one of a number of crossroad quarterbacks.

In this lookInsider at those guys by Mike Sando of ESPN.com, Jake Locker is in the middle of the pack based on his first 16 games as a starter as a forecaster.

Locker received mixed reviews from ESPN analyst Bill Polian and ESPN.com’s resident scout Matt Williamson.

“Polian placed Locker in a ‘be wary’ category based on injuries and overall performance, but Williamson was more optimistic. ‘He is very interesting to me,’ Williamson said. ‘He runs, he can throw deep, he has tools and could become a Donovan McNabb type. He's a little hit or miss and probably will always have red-zone woes and accuracy issues, but he is a big, strong guy and I thought he played quite well last year. People assume the book has been written on Locker the way it was for (Blaine) Gabbert and (Christian) Ponder, but I think he gets better all the time. Those other guys do not. With Ken Whisenhunt there and some receivers, I can see Locker becoming a good NFL quarterback.’”

I agree the book has not been written. It will be written this year.

If Locker blossoms into a McNabb type, the Titans will be well ahead of where many of us rate them. If he presses and/or gets injured, Tennessee will wind up tearing out pages and writing from the beginning again.