Considering Titans-49ers first-round swap

A chat question I didn't have time to answer on the fly deserved some time and thought, so we dive into it now.

Joey Higgins-Luckow from Madison, WI: With the Titans missing their third round pick and possibly being more intrigued in moving down to recoup it, what do you think a team like the 49ers would have to give up to move up to 11? 49ers gave up a third to move up from 31 to 18, and St Louis gave up a 2nd to move from 16 to 8, so would a 2nd and 3rd round pick be enough compensation to swap 1st round picks there, in your opinion?

Paul Kuharsky: First off, the 49ers are loaded. They've got 11 picks in the draft: 30th, 56th, 61st, 77th, 94th, 100th (not tradable), 129th, 170th, 242nd, 243rd and 245th.

If San Francisco covets the Titans' pick at 11, the conventional trade value chart says they'd get a big haul back. The 11th pick could be worth the 30th, the 56th (in the second round) and the 61st (also in the second round).

That would be quite a haul. The Niners would have to really love someone to deal away that much and then wait from 11th to 77th between picks after having so many selections.

I'd like to see the Titans make a move that would give them an additional pick or two. But the best players are at the top, and it's generally better to get one very good player than several good ones. I would favor quality over quantity in most instances.

And I don't know if anyone's ever used this phrase, but it takes two to tango.

In early March, we looked at a scenario for the Titans to dump back to 15th or 16th.