Oher could benefit from Locker vs. Flacco

By virtually every account, Michael Oher did not have a very good season for the Baltimore Ravens in 2013.

The Titans signed him hoping they’d get the guy they saw on the field in 2012, general manager Ruston Webster has said.

Nathan Janke of Pro Football Focus has a piece out Monday that looks at the most effective offensive linemen in the first 2, 2.5 and 3 seconds after the snap.

Teams certainly hope their offensive linemen don’t get beat within two seconds of the start of a play.

The best guys have clean slates -- three guards and three centers didn’t give up a sack, a hit or a hurry that quickly. Among tackles, Joe Thomas gave up one hurry and Jordan Gross gave up two.

Oher showed up well here, with one hit, four hurries and a pass-blocking efficiency of 99.23.

Per Janke: “He allowed 57 pressures on the year but could be excited for the upcoming season as Jake Locker has typically shown a lower average Time to Throw (TTT) than Joe Flacco.”

Flacco’s average time to throw was 2.87 seconds last year. Locker was getting rid of the ball more quickly -- in an average of 2.74 seconds.