Titans will create snaps for rookies, kids

If the Titans draft a quarterback, finding him practice snaps will be difficult.

I've been saying that for some time.

Once he's healthy, Jake Locker is going to need all the snaps he can get to become as versed as he can in Ken Whisenhunt's offense.

So getting a rookie the sort of meaningful snaps he would need to be ready to play if needed or to have a chance to win the starting job would be very difficult.

Such a scenario would be offset, in part, by how Whisenhunt plans to structure things.

Beyond practices, the team will have daily walk-throughs at minicamps and training camp.

For walk-throughs at next week's voluntary minicamp, for the mandatory minicamp June 17-19 and for training camp, Whisenhunt will have full teams running the same stuff on separate fields.

"We'll walk through 70 plays, and the rookies, the young guys will all get every one of those snaps," Whisenhunt said. "I mean I know it's not live action. But at least they're calling the play, they're running the play on the field."

Locker is already healthy enough to participate in walk-throughs, and Whisenhunt said he expects to stay with Locker during those parts of walk-throughs to maximize their collaboration.