Morgan, Wimbley begin new life as backers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The revamped front of the Tennessee Titans' defense will take a good while to take form.

A draft pick or two could be added to the mix, and coaches have plenty of time to assess players and skill sets and try people in different spots.

Derrick Morgan was a defensive end in the Titans’ 4-3 defense, but the Titans identified him as a linebacker in a recent news release about their upcoming caravan and yet they have him as "LB/DE" on their roster.

He worked with the linebackers during the on-the-record portion, a position drill piece of practice, as did Kamerion Wimbley, who also carried the double designation.

Morgan said he moved around playing some linebacker as well as end in his junior year at Georgia Tech and anticipates working some with the backers and some with the line as the team assesses where he fits best.

“It’s not too different, not too foreign for me to stand up and get out of a two-point stance some,” Morgan said. “I've just got to continue to work at it to get a lot more comfortable, but it's not too bad.

Wimbley agreed to a lesser contract to stay. He's played his best NFL ball as a 3-4 outside linebacker but has worked as a 4-3 end since signing with the Titans in 2012.

Meanwhile, another veteran outside linebacker, Shaun Phillips, said he ran with the second team and that was not any sort of concern because no one is making the team or securing a role on April 29.

“The great thing about our coaches is that they are very honest with us and they told us, ‘This is how we’re lining up right now,’” Phillips said. "'We're going to rotate, mix and match, and find out what works best for us and put our best football players on the field.'

"But right now, everyone has to start somewhere or you don’t get no reps. You try to rotate three, you can’t do that. Now everyone gets an equal number of reps, and is able to learn the defense and have their opportunity."