Wilson, Pollard familiar with new defense

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –- When they signed him last year, veteran safety George Wilson immediately became a resource for young defensive backs on the Tennessee Titans.

That may be even more so the case now, because Wilson already has a good handle on the Titans' new defense.

"This system is what I played in for the most part my last three seasons when I was in Buffalo," Wilson said. "The verbiage is different, the communication is different, but as far as the principles and the concepts of the defense, they are pretty much stuff I've played in the past.

"It just allows me to be able to help guys out once I get myself lined up and get myself in the proper position, just to help guys be more comfortable with the communication and the verbiage out there."

Wilson and Bernard Pollard said they talked during practice about what they see and how to react to it, and they are able to spread the word as need be to younger members of the secondary.

Like Wilson, Pollard sees a lot of familiar elements in Ray Horton's defense to the defense he was part of in Baltimore.

"We both come out of systems like this," Pollard said. "… It's very similar to Baltimore. This is a lot of fun this is going to be a defense that allows us to shine and we're going to go out there and do it."