Five for 11: Aaron Donald for the Titans

Monday was UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr, Tuesday was Michigan State cornerback Darqueze Dennard and Wednesday was North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron.

Today we look at ...

Pittsburgh defensive tackle Aaron Donald

The good: Fantastic combination of strength and quickness at the snap. A team should want a unique quality in a first round pick, and his combination of those two things is rare.

The bad: The majority opinion seems to be he’s tailor made for a 4-3 front and the Titans are moving to a 3-4. He’s “only” 6-foot-1 and 285 pounds.

Room for him: Even if he fits in the 3-4 front as a three-technique, that’s what Jurrell Casey is best at. So would the Titans be putting themselves in a situation with two guys who are too similar if they picked Donald?

How ESPN.com’s resident scout, Matt Williamson, sees him fitting with the Titans: “Donald is one of my favorite players in this draft, and not just because he is from Pitt. But the Titans are going to more of a 3-4 scheme and Donald just isn't a fit for that scheme. If the Titans drafted Donald, they would pretty much only be using him as a sub package interior pass-rusher.”

Positives from our scouting report: Rates as exceptional in production, intangibles, pass-rush skills and quickness (hands/feet). “Exceptional competitor. Outstanding football character and football intelligence. Self-motivator. Best practice player coaches have been around. Has developed into a film junkie and is learning how to transfer what he learns in film study to the field.”

Negatives from our scouting reports: Rates as average in height-weight-speed. “Thick bubble, broad upper body. Longer arms (32 5/8') and bigger hands (9 7/8') for frame -- both on par with five-year combine average at DT. Also has elite speed (4.68 combine 40) for size/position.”

Likelihood in my eyes he’s available at No. 11: High.