McCarthy wants a bloody face all season

At the Titans first practice of any kind under Ken Whisenhunt and his staff, Colin McCarthy gashed the bridge of his nose.

"I hit Collin Mooney, he was running the ball and I gave him a nice little pop and he gave me a pop," McCarthy said on my Nashville radio show, The Midday 180. So it was a good introduction to the minicamp for me."

A gash on the bridge of the nose is a hard thing for a football player to get healed up so long as he keeps putting his helmet on.

J.J. Watt of the Texans had such an issue with it last season he considered plastic surgery to resolve it heading forward.

But McCarthy took a different tact.

"Hopefully I'll have a bloody face all season, have a major intimidation factor going for me there," he said. "If it starts to heal up, I might just kind of crack it open myself just to keep it going."

A bloody face in the NFL gets photographed. A lot. Watt and Brian Cushing have had a ton of such pictures displayed prominently.

McCarthy's got a head start on the rest of the league to be the NFL's bloody face of 2014.