Mooney must show again Titans need him

Titans fullback Collin Mooney will spend the summer scuffling to keep a job.

We don’t know how exactly Ken Whisenhunt will deploy a fullback and the Titans have running back Jackie Battle working as a fullback.

It may be an ideal scenario for Battle to be the guy. The Titans would have a fourth running back available and Battle is a good special-teams player. Tight ends can chip in with some fullback work, too. That sort of positional versatility for the fullback spot can be valuable considering no team uses very much of a two-back set.

But it won't be that easy to displace Mooney, who was rated very well by Pro Football Focus for his play in 2013. In just 105 snaps, he rated a plus-9.9. Michael Mountford of PFF picked Mooney as the Titans' secret superstar from 2013.

Mooney never played more than 15 snaps in a game, so no matter how well he played they didn’t value a fullback's contribution very much very often.

Mountford sees the potential for more room for Mooney under Whisenhunt, particularly because of the way Whisenhunt used fullbacks in Arizona.

It’s a position that will bear watching.