Titans will get creative with use of Wright

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- His position coach said last year that Kendall Wright can revolutionize the slot receiver position for the Tennessee Titans.

That stance by Shawn Jefferson is a strong one.

But it doesn't mean Wright should be used exclusively as an inside receiver and on the underneath routes associated with the position.

In 2013, he was in the slot 59 percent of the time, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

The Titans need to be more creative with Wright, allowing him to line up outside some, run deep more often, get the ball in some different ways.

All indications are that the Titans are heading that direction with the player who was their best offensive guy last year.

"Today I was at quarterback," Wright said during a post-practice conversation about being used more adventurously. "It was fun..."

"I see it coming, today I did something different, I've been doing different things lately. I'm not going out there asking them, but if they give me something I'm ready to run it."

Jefferson said Wright gives the Titans a two-for-one -- he's the reliable slot receiver who can go out wide and win.

"He's a guy that can do it all," Jefferson said. "The slot guy is known as the chain mover, he's the quarterback's safety net. Whenever a quarterback gets in trouble, he always knows where the 'F' is if something breaks down. He’s established himself as that guy."

"A lot is still untapped. We saw him do a lot of stuff at Baylor and the good things about this offense is we're forever growing, coach Whiz and (Jason Michael) are going to put guys in positions where they can win. If it's outside, he's going outside, if it's inside, he's going inside.

Whisenhunt praised Wright's versatility and said he's excited to "put him in situations."

I expect creativity and tricks involving Dexter McCluster and Wright that can bring the Titans -- and their fans -- to life.