The Fourth of July Titans' mailbag

Happy Fourth of July, welcome to a patriotic mailbag...

Paul Kuharsky: Awfully hard to predict this early. Particularly with linemen and high-contact guys, as there is no contact in the offseason. I don't see room for running back Antonio Andrews, but he's got a nice skill set. I think there will be a receiver on the team in Week 1 or Week 2 who's not on the roster now.

Paul Kuharsky: Kevin Walter's was just a one-year deal. He's gone. Amazing that while he didn't have a chance to play in a game last year because of his back injury, he was in every wide receiver meeting for the entire season. If Leon Washington and Dexter McCluster are healthy, Marc Mariani would be the third return man in my estimation. No team is keeping three so he'd have to make it as a receiver. Fourth and fifth receiver spots are open, but I think he's a bit limited and they can probably do better.

Paul Kuharsky: They aren't worried about outside scouting reports. They scout him for themselves and they like him and thought he was the best back for them out of all the backs available in the draft. They think he's capable of playing every down, can run inside and out, has good vision, can catch well and will pick up blocking quickly.

Paul Kuharsky: I'd want Kendall Wright on my team if I could get him. And Bishop Sankey wouldn't be a bad pick -- he'll be part of a committee, but should have the lead role. Titans defense could be an interesting wild card if you miss out on the clear best ones. At least as a week-to-week possibility.

Paul Kuharsky: Charlie Whitehurst is the backup. Zach Mettenberger is the No. 3. Certainly if Locker is knocked out of a game, Whitehurst is the guy who will be dressed and will get the call. When you turn to a QB who had little to no practice in the game plan during the week, it's the veteran who should be more equipped to handle the responsibilities. Now let's say Locker is out for a time. They could feel Mettenberger's made progress and his upside is better than Whitehurst's experience. They could write a game plan for him, give him a full practice week and give him a start or starts.

Paul Kuharsky: I don't like to get caught up in who's north and who's south of this elite line, because there are so many definitions of elite. Wright is already an excellent NFL receiver and he will be better in this system with these coaches. They won't pigeonhole him as a slot guy, moving him inside and out and letting him show more of the deep stuff that was part of his repertoire at Baylor.