Titans season-ticket renewals: 98 percent

As the Tennessee Titans have been treading water in recent seasons, flirting with mediocrity, their fans have continued to buy tickets while not always showing up.

Why they haven't stopped paying for tickets they are not using is a mystery I attempted to solve back in December. Those people invested in personal seat licenses. If you cease to buy tickets connected to those licenses, you sacrifice the licenses.

You can sell PSLs, but there is no market for them now. If the Titans get good, there will be a market, but many of the people who have the tickets will want to use them again. It's a brilliant device that keeps the team in position to build on a technical sellout streak that includes every game played in the building.

And they are on track to build on it further.

Don MacLachlan, the team's top non-football executive in Nashville, said the Titans' season-ticket renewal rate was 98 percent.

That amounts to about 60,000 of LP Field's 69,143 seats.

From the start, the Titans have sold at least 2,500 tickets per game on a game-by-game basis, so as not to leave out fans who can afford a game or two but not a PSL or season tickets. Other tickets that are left are sold in group sales, given to the visiting team or attached to sponsors or promotional programs.

"We're thrilled with the response we've had from season-ticket holders," MacLachlan said. "It's a 12-month process, engaging with season-ticket holders. We're encouraged by the enhancements to LP Field made under Tommy Smith's direction and there will be a different look in a lot of different ways in the stadium."

Wi-Fi will be available for everyone when the Titans open the preseason against the Packers on Aug. 9. The team has changed concessionaires as well, addressing longtime complaints about the available food.