Best game ever: Shaun Phillips

Continuing our series on the best games members of the Tennessee Titans have ever played...

Shaun Phillips, outside linebacker

Oct. 3, 2010

Chargers 41, Cardinals 10

Qualcomm Stadium

Phillips: Six tackles, four sacks, 35-yard interception return touchdown.

“We played the Cardinals when I was in San Diego. I had four sacks and an interception for a touchdown. I should have had two interceptions, I overran the other one, I overshot it. That was my best game ever, probably. We killed them, beat them by a lot. I got defensive player of the week. I had a 3.5-sack game in Oakland on Monday night one time, that was a good one. I had a three-sacker against Denver one time, when Kyle Orton was the quarterback. That was a Sunday night game in San Diego. I’m fortunate enough and have been playing long enough that I’ve had quite a few good games. That one against the Cardinals, I just want to get that game again, if I could match that game that would be wonderful."

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