Best game ever: Shawn Jefferson

Continuing our series on the best games members of the Titans have ever played ...

Shawn Jefferson, receivers coach

Sept. 3, 2000

Falcons 36, 49ers 28

Georgia Dome

Jefferson: 7 catches, 148 yards including a 48-yard touchdown

"I would say my first game when I was in Atlanta, I think it was in 2000. I caught like four or five passes for 150 yards. The reason why that game was best was because it encapsulated everything. We were down and needed to make a play. I caught a deep ball with two guys over me. I threw a key block. That's one of the key things I harp on with my receivers. The first drill that we do everyday is we hit the sled. Because as a coach I've got to tell these receivers what is important to me. And everyday I come out and we hit that drill work, every day I am telling them no matter what, what's important to me is blocking. No block, no rock. That's important to me, because if a guy will block I know damn well when we call his number on that pass route he will go full speed. I'm interested in the non-talent issues: The hustle, the blocking, the mental attitude, competing. It doesn't take talent to compete. If you do those thing I know you've got a little bit of pride in you. There comes a day when the football gods shine on you and they give you everything, and we won that one, by one or two points. We ended up getting them, It was an overall good game. I'm sure it was Jamal Anderson I sprung."

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