Best game ever: Delanie Walker

Continuing our series on the best games members of the Tennessee Titans have ever played…

Delanie Walker, tight end

Nov. 14, 2013

Colts 30. Titans 27

LP Field

Walker: Nine catches, 91 yards including a 19-yard touchdown

“It would probably have to be last year, the Thursday night game against the Colts. Nine catches, 90 yards, some great blocks, got headbutted. Before that even happened, I think I was playing great, that just added to the flames. It was a run play to the right, I was blocking [linebacker Erik Walden] til the whistle blew. I guess he didn’t like it, he yanked my helmet off then headbutted me in the face. That’s when I got angry and started having a great game in the run game, just real physical. I think that just really brought the fire out of me, being headbutted. We lost and I was very upset. Thursday night game, everybody watching, we played a great game and to lose it at the last minute that always hurts. If I play that way in a game, now you’ve always got to step up to that standard. This year I’ve got another opportunity to do that. With Whiz [new head coach Ken Whisenhunt] and the type of offense we’ve got here, I feel like we can have games like that all the time.”

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