New camera angle helps QB track view

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans quarterbacks are getting a different view of their work thanks to an additional camera the team is using during some passing periods.

Practices and games are generally shot from cameras set atop lifts in the center of the end zone and at midfield. But instead of that high end zone angle, the quarterbacks are looking at a closer, lower view from behind them.

The team's video director, Anthony Pastrana, has a small camera mounted at the top of a long pole. With the other end on the ground, he holds it and shoots the action.

"It's trying to kind of create the perspective the quarterback has when he's in the pocket," Jake Locker said. "Trying to see the field from that point of view. It is helpful. ...It gives you a different vantage point to teach and learn from."

When he was head coach in Arizona, Ken Whisenhunt utilized a similar camera, but the video was shot by a cameraman who climbed a portable set of stairs.

The closer view makes it easier for the quarterback to see where he is looking.

Said offensive coordinator Jason Michael: "We do it more so in the 7-on-7 periods, the pass emphasis periods, where they can see where the stripe of their helmet is, where their eyes are looking as well their footwork. It's a close-up on those in terms of working through their reads, their progression and getting a close-up view to be able to teach off of in the meeting room. It's a positive tool."

Is there going to come a day when a drone flies overhead and the team can choose from 800 angles?

"Who knows what's coming," Locker said.