Casey looks like a tight end in figurine

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Like most young football players, Jurrell Casey grew up dreaming that someday he might be enough of a star that he’d have an action figure.

Alas, he grew into an interior defensive lineman, and those guys aren’t usually celebrated in such fashion, even after a 10.5-sack season like the one he produced for the Tennessee Titans.

So Casey was fired up earlier this week when a fan got a packaged figure of Casey as a member of the USC Trojans into his hands.

And Casey’s teammates who saw it had fun, too, because they saw a No. 91 figurine frozen in a running motion that looked more like a tight end than a defensive lineman.

“It needs something to eat, right?” Casey said, laughing. “I’m glad I got one, I’m going to put it up in my room, I won’t open it. Pretty nice. It’s pretty cool I like it, my first actual action figure.”

Bishop Sankey got one too, and seemed pretty fired up about the figurine of him in No. 25 wearing the purple and gold of the Washington Huskies, a ball tucked under his left arm mid-stride, head up.

The figurines came from 56-year-old Nashvillian John Boyle, a computer technician.

Boyle said he basically puts a store-bought figurine in hot water, sprays it down with primer until it is white and painstakingly paints it from there. (Thus Casey's body type. He was once Julius Peppers.)

"The first one I did that was any good was Eddie George," Boyle said. "I brought it to him and I wanted him to sign it but he wouldn't let me have it back. He said the shoes were wrong."

Since then, Boyle's paid great attention to giving his figures from their college days the proper shoes and they seem to appreciate it.

"They seem to notice the shoes like it's something real big," Boyle said.