#NFLRank: Titans shut out of top 100s

So a bunch of us at ESPN filled out a ballot putting a number between 1-10 on every notable player in the league, and out of it comes our #NFLRank series.

As they are unveiled, there is no need for suspense where the Tennessee Titans are involved.

None of them are in it.

The Titans' lack of star power is a big theme heading into 2015. Their two best players -- receiver Kendall Wright and defensive lineman Jurrell Casey -- are very good.

Wright had 94 catches for 1,079 yards last season but just two touchdowns. The league is loaded with compelling and productive receivers. I think with coach Ken Whisenhunt calling plays, Wright will be used far more creatively and will get more scoring chances in 2014. In a year from now if he's not ranked in the top 100, I'd be surprised.

Casey had 10.5 sacks last season as a 4-3 tackle. He's not a 3-4 end. But he's got power and speed and will remain a pass-rushing force. I think it's less understandable for him to miss the cut here than Wright.

And neither of them were even the top-rated Titan.

Left guard Andy Levitre finished 118th on the offensive list, with left tackle Michael Roos ranked 123rd and Wright 145th.

On defense, Casey fell in at 115th, Michael Griffin 138th and Bernard Pollard 139th.

It's a list and it's rankings, and they get clicks and create conversations.

It's nothing worth being up in arms about.

If this team is any good, it's because the collective is good. Teams that are not star-studded can win if they are greater than the sum of their parts and if they do that, they can be good and stars can emerge.