Titans adjusting well to tighter calls

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt has a very reasonable approach to the NFL's more stringent enforcement of defensive holding, illegal contact and pass interference penalties against defensive backs.

The Titans need to feel out what's being called and what they can get away with, then play accordingly.

Players, coaches and fans may want the league or officials to modify their approach. Ultimately, it's incumbent on players to follow the rules and their enforcement.

"If it's not adjusted, we have to adjust to the penalties, find ways to be able to make plays and do everything the right way," cornerback Jason McCourty said.

Saturday night in New Orleans, the Titans were flagged for two pass interference calls, one for 28 yards against McCourty and one against Micah Pellerin that was declined.

I thought the call against McCourty was weak and what he did didn't amount to pass interference against Joe Morgan.

McCourty said he didn't think it would have been a penalty a year ago.

"But the way I looked at it was, if I'm better at the line of scrimmage, I would have been able to avoid that penalty all together, it may not even have been close," McCourty said. "There was something technique-wise I could have been a little bit better at, then down the field we would have had nothing to even be a possible penalty."

That's a great and healthy attitude and approach by McCourty.

Still, a rule enforcement alteration that favors the offense isn't going over well.

"It sucks," he said. "You would think there are enough rules to protect offensive players and to help put more points on the board."

Bernard Pollard, as is his style, offered an even harsher assessment, per Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean.

"You can just touch a guy and it's a flag now. It is getting out of hand," Pollard said. "This shows you the committee that's laying down the rules; those guys have never played the game. I thought 45 or 50 points a game was enough, but they obviously want more. They want to see an offensive game."

The Titans are the fourth-least penalized team through two preseason games, points out David Boclair of the Nashville Post.

So they've got that going for them. Which is nice.