Mailbag: On Locker, Ayers, Preston, more

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Paul Kuharsky: He also said they could keep six. The Titans do not yet know if Michel Preston is eligible for one of the two special slots. They await word from the NFL on how exactly he fits in the new parameters for two of the 10 practice squad slots. It's very difficult to sort through Preston, Marc Mariani, Brian Robiskie and Derek Hagan right now. Robiskie and Hagan are journeymen. Even as they've been good in camp, they've been bouncing around the league for a while and there are reasons for that.

Paul Kuharsky: He's never been very significant on the radar. He hasn't proved he's a guy who can consistently make plays. At 6-foot-3, 255 pounds, his size is fine for the job he currently holds. It's a contract year for him. Now or never.

Paul Kuharsky: It all depends on what round. I'd be happy to have Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter and/or Bishop Sankey on my team. Shonn Greene could be a value at the right spot.

Paul Kuharsky: Coty Sensabaugh could easily play outside in base and move inside in nickel with Blidi Wreh-Wilson coming onto the field outside.

Paul Kuharsky: I see bad tackling and hesitation. I don't know that it's necessarily a result of the new scheme. They say it's simple and direct, and if it is, it shouldn't be slowing people down. I don't think there are enough good players on defense. But it's also far too early and the sample size is far too small for us to make any sort of complete assessment of the defense.

Paul Kuharsky: Define "into rhythm." If there is a big combination of Jake Locker being really bad and Zach Mettenberger practicing very well, it could happen at some point. If Locker misses any extended stretch hurt and they feel like Mettenberger gives them a better chance than Charlie Whitehurst to game plan for and build around with a week of practice, it can happen.

Paul Kuharsky: Locker needs to be good this year to earn a second contract. I don't have tremendous faith that he's good to the degree that earns him that. So I think there is a good chance the Titans have a new quarterback next year. I don't know that it'll automatically be Mettenberger. I presume he'd have to beat someone out, probably another draft pick.

Paul Kuharsky: Lots of cool stuff going on in 12 South and The Gulch.