Locker at ease altering protections

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- On the Tennessee Titans' 10-play, 94-yard, game-winning drive, Jake Locker changed protections twice.

That’s a good sign for the third-year quarterback, who suffered a shoulder injury last year when he didn’t recognize or adjust to defensive alignment in Houston.

“I feel more confident this year, I’ve seen it now,” he said on The Wakeup Zone in Nashville Tuesday morning. “I have more confidence in the call that I want to make at the line and I know that I want to protect myself and give me time to throw the ball downfield. It’s something, I think, with my growth and what I’ve been able to see to this point, I feel more comfortable making those calls at the line of scrimmage and confident in them when I do make them.”

Locker appeared on the radio show at 7 a.m. and said he was already at the team facility, where his “day off” was underway. He planned a workout and intended to watch all of the film he will watch to get ready for the Jets.

That's probably standard fare for top quarterbacks, and there are no doubts about Locker's willingness to work. But it's a nice detail to know.

The film session is his first run through of stuff he will watch in smaller pieces over the course of the week as he factors in more of the Titans' plan and intended formations.

Listen to the whole interview here.