Poll results from our massive chat

During this afternoon's two-hour chat, I posted five polls.

If you haven't read through the conversation, you still can, and I believe you can still vote in the polls as well.

These were the up-to-the-minute results as of this writing. Take note, a Titans chat is going to be loaded with Titans fans, so some of the answers are bound to reflect it -- like the optimistic predictions of where they'll finish in the AFC and how many games they will in or the high regard for Jake Locker.

Let's review.

Poll: Who should start at cornerback opposite Jason McCourty?

76.3% Alterraun Verner

16.9% Tommie Campbell

6.8% Coty Sensabaugh

Poll: Where do the Titans finish in the AFC South?

60.6% Second

25.4% Third

14.1% First

Poll: Who's the most distinct member of the Titans?

93.3% Chris Johnson

4.4% Akeem Ayers

2.2% Delanie Walker

Poll: How many games will the Titans win?

33.3% Nine

25.5% Ten

21.6 Eight

7.8% Twelve

5.9% Eleven

3.9% Six

2% Seven

Poll: Who's the best quarterback out of the 2011 draft?

46.7% Colin Kaepernick

26.7% Cam Newton

20% Jake Locker

20% Andy Dalton