Turner aiming for shotgun improvement

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Jake Locker is the ninth-best quarterback in the league on shotgun and pistol plays so far this season, with a 95.9 passer rating.

All three of his touchdown passes have come out of shotgun.

But there is at least one element of the set that the Tennessee Titans need to work on.

Center Rob Turner hasn’t hurt the Titans with hit shotgun snaps yet, but he’s been a bit inconsistent with them, floating a couple that forced Locker to play to more attention to the snap and taking attention away from things downfield.

Coach Mike Munchak said while none have been terrible he’d like Turner to continue to work to get better.

“You don’t want Jake worrying about the ball or catching the ball when he’s trying to keep his eyes down the field,” Munchak said.

“There have been a couple that have been up in his face,” Turner said. “I don’t want to do anything to distract Jake. But sometimes the ball comes a little quicker. I know if I’ve got to move farther, I have a habit of snapping it faster. That’s something you kind of constantly focus on, hitting the same spot or whatever with my arm. Sometimes when you speed up, your hand tends to hold on to the ball a little bit more…

“You work on bringing them down. It maybe makes his life a little bit harder, because he has to look at the ball more instead of it hitting him right here in the chest. The majority of them are good, but it’s not he majority of them that we talk about in a situation like that, it’s the one or two that get away from you.”

Locker has minimized costly mistakes through three games. If Turner can be more consistent with shotgun snaps, it can eliminate one area that could create a mistake.