Titans season prediction: 7-9

Year 3 of Mike Munchak’s tenure features a lot of veteran additions. The Tennessee Titans coach feels confident he’s finally got the talent he needs to field a playoff team. But a good degree of the confidence is founded on hope and projection rather than evidence. Unless they are coming back from major injuries, that’s the case for all teams looking to dig out from something similar to the Titans’ 6-10 season in 2012.

Offensively, they might have some good stretches. They should be an effective running team with the revamped interior line and running back Shonn Greene getting short-yardage carries to supplement Chris Johnson. Quarterback Jake Locker will be better protected and has a deep, quality group of receivers. Even if he makes a big jump, Tennessee's defense lacks playmakers, and it’s hard not to see the Titans suffering as a result.

I look at games like Kansas City, San Diego, Arizona and at St. Louis as contests the Titans need to win to get above .500, and I’m having trouble forecasting many victories even in that bunch. Much of their remaining schedule looks, at least right now, like it could be killer. The league’s unpredictability is the best thing the Titans have going for them. Forced to predict the Titans' season, I say 7-9.

Predicted finish in AFC South: third