Power Rankings: No. 27 Tennessee Titans

The Titans don’t garner a lot of high expectations right now from analysts, pundits or bookmakers.

And, frankly, they shouldn’t.

The team added a lot. But it still has an unproven quarterback, a defense lacking star power and a head coach who is not a sure thing.

So Tennessee’s standing in the first version of this season’s NFL Power Rankings is an unsurprising 27th, same as it was after the draft.

I’m not high on this team at this stage because of the reasons above and because of the schedule.

But I think head to head on a neutral field against the five teams just ahead of them, they’d probably win two or three: The Buccaneers are 22nd, the Panthers are 23rd, the Chargers are 24th, the Eagles are 25th and the Cardinals are 26th.

The Titans will get head-to-head chances against San Diego and Arizona.