RTC: Phillips rates McCluster a danger

Reading the coverage of the Tennessee Titans…

When Shaun Phillips played in Denver, the Broncos paid special attention to Dexter McCluster when they played Kansas City. Phillips offered a review of his new teammate, says John Glennon of The Tennessean.

Nate Washington embraces his role as the old man of the Titans’ receiver group, says Wyatt.

With coaches not allowed on the field with players at this stage, Charlie Whitehurst is serving in that role in some ways, writes Glennon.

Though Chris Johnson was periodically critical about his offensive line, left tackle Michael Roos said there was never a rift. Glennon’s story.

The Titans hired Tre' Stallings as director of player engagement, says Wyatt.

Shaun Phillips’ quest for 100 sacks and the Titans' need for pass pressure mesh nicely, says David Boclair of the Nashville Post.

McCluster is a gadget back, but Ken Whisenhunt can help make him an effective player, says Tom Gower of Total Titans.

Jake Locker can’t drop back yet, but Washington is impressed the quarterback is throwing go routes standing still, says Craig Peters of the team’s website.