The first of five season-defining moments

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- We waited on a coach getting fired, then we had one get hired and see him fill out his staff.

Last week we visited Radio Row at the Super Bowl.

So I’m not going to say we’re late getting to some additional season-in-review material. I’m just going to dive in.

This week we will look at five key moments that told the story of the Tennessee Titans' 2013 season.

Not in any order, here is the first installment:

Darius Reynaud's fielding of the season's opening kickoff.

Unfathomably, the Titans return man moved to the goal line and reached forward to collect the kick at Heinz Field, then pulled the ball back into the end zone and took a knee looking for a touchback.

After a conference, officials called it a safety.

The play didn’t serve as a big omen on the game. Tennessee rallied to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 16-9 on Sept. 8, 2013.

But it was symbolic of what would become a problem. Reyanud’s decision-making deteriorated and he was finally cut after seven games. The Titans replaced him with receiver Damian Williams who wasn’t good either and quickly got hurt.

The option after that was Devon Wyllie, and his muff in the third quarter of a Nov. 14 game against the Indianapolis Colts undid the Titans and led to a loss that dropped them to 4-6.

Nov. 27 they signed Leon Washington, a gift from the football gods and from the New England Patriots, who cut the veteran returner when they needed roster room. Five games from Washington was 11 too few.

Reynaud’s blunder was a sign of things to come in a poor special teams year -- bad return decisions, muffs, dropped punt snaps and more.