On contact vs. contract

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- I didn't get around to it when the story came out.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday that the Titans recently reached out to JaMarcus Russell, the former Oakland Raiders quarterback.

After Jake Locker was hurt on Sept. 29, the Titans looked into options for their No. 2 quarterback. They also contacted David Carr and John Skelton, who came to Nashville for workouts.

Apparently they were curious about Russell, too. Schefter reported Russell was interested but is rehabilitating a knee injury and wasn't able to work out.

The Titans may have looked to a veteran to put behind backup Ryan Fitzpatrick if Locker was out longer. But the Titans ultimately said they expected Locker to miss "a few" weeks and signed Rusty Smith from their practice squad.

Far too many people jumped to the conclusion that the Titans wanted Russell and would have signed him if he was healthy and able to return.

That's a giant leap.

There is a one-letter difference between contact and contract.

It's a very significant R.