OC: Locker making decisions before snap

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Jake Locker has spoken in the past week about how he can eliminate things before the snap.

The follow-up to that is, what kinds of things?

I had the chance to ask Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Jason Michael about that.

"As we get into it, it's whether the play is looking at one side of the field, whether it's getting us into the proper run," Michael said. "It's doing some things pre-snap that he hasn't done as much of in the past. I think he can use that information to help him out.

"Whether it's cut the field in half with a read that he has or eliminate a certain receiver pre-snap to where he can move on and get past the first read to the second. Gathering information through formations, through motions, through cadence and those things. He’s progressing with it."

The Titans did team period work with super-loud crowd noise Thursday.

Michael said the offense did well when forced to work without being able to hear each other.

How they work a silent count won't always be the same, so a defense doesn't know.

"You've got to do it with action and different things where the defense can't get a bead on what you are doing and when it's coming so they can get a jump on the snap," he said. "We'll use a couple different things. The center is doing certain things. We'll have the adjacent lineman with him doing some things to help the center in communication. Not being consistent with it so the defense doesn't see what we're doing."