Mechanics talk with Locker's QB coach

Mechanics are a constant conversation with every quarterback in the NFL.

For a guy like Jake Locker, still attempting to prove himself and show he can be a long-term starter for the Tennessee Titans, those conversations center around being in prime position and posture that means he is always ready to adjust his body position when he has to change targets.

“He’s a very compact, he almost plays like a point guard, he’s always got a football position to him, bending his knees,” Titans quarterback coach John McNulty said. “A lot of times, when guys set to their first guy, they kind of lock out and straighten their knees out. And now you’ve either got to reset, re-bend your knees, then move your hips. It’s hard, the guys who kind of play straight up and down and lock themselves out.

“Once you step to one guy, you can’t just step over. You’ve got to be in that football position and move your whole operation. I think that helps him, he plays kind of up on his toes, he’s always in a football position. Some of these big guys are straight up and down and when their first guy is not there, their foot is planted and they just step to the next guy. It’s really as much getting your shoulders and hips in line as it is your feet. The way he plays, he’s able to do that.”

That “football position” up on his toes and the ability to reset can be easier for a guy who has a bounciness to him.

Let's watch for that with Locker.

When he makes a bad throw, was flat-footed as he changed targets and moved through his progression? If so, we’ll know he needs to get back to football position more up on the balls of his feet.