Kurt Warner talks Whisenhunt and Locker

NEW YORK -- Ken Whisenhunt's tenure as coach of the Arizona Cardinals hit its apex when Kurt Warner was his quarterback.

When Warner retired, the Cardinals struggled to find a replacement at quarterback, and that was Whisenhunt's downfall.

Warner expects if the Titans feel good about Locker and want him to be the guy, Whisenhunt will give Locker every chance.

“I think you have to go in with the idea that this guy is our guy,” Warner said as he departed Radio Row interviews. “Whether that means you go with him the first year to find out that he's not, or whether you go into your OTAs saying 'OK, this is our guy.' And you find out. I believe whatever the organization kind of feels is probably where you start.

“He knows from being in Arizona where there was a veteran guy and Matt Leinart, the more options you have the better you're going to be. Do they have other options? Maybe he feels good about Ryan Fitzpatrick and what he did last year and can build around that. I think that's the big question: ‘Do we feel we have enough in that room to be successful?'”

Warner thinks Locker will have a great chance to bust out under Whisenhunt's leadership and with tutoring from John McNulty, the Titans' quarterback coach who Warner also worked with in Arizona.

“I think you're going to see a consistent coach in Whisenhunt, a coach that is going to give you opportunities, put you in situations to succeed,” Warner said. “He's a very even-keeled guy, not a guy that panics very easily. So I think those are all good things for a young quarterback, to be flexible with what he does.”

Act Two for Whisenhunt will be a good one, Warner believes.

“What he accomplished in a short period of time with the Cardinals organization, I thought was amazing and I think he deserved the opportunity to get back,” Warner said. “But again, so much was about the quarterback. Did he have a hand in going and getting Kevin Kolb? And was that his demise because that was his choice?

“What he knew was, ‘We have to find a quarterback.' And we've got to go try to find one in what's out there. It didn't work for him. But I think he's going to be a solid coach for Tennessee in his second time around.”