Where are the Titans least deep?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Cornerback depth is an issue for the Titans.

I’m still presuming Coty Sensabaugh and Blidi-Wreh Wilson are OK as the second and third cornerbacks, in either order.

But after that the Titans have Tommie Campbell and rookie Marqueston Huff. Both can be very good on special teams, but I don’t think the team would feel great about having to turn to either on defense in a regular season game.

Ken Whisenhunt could have easily went with the default “we feel good about our depth there” when asked about it. I appreciate that he didn’t.

Instead, he said: “We’ve still got another game. We’ve still got more time to evaluate. We’re still in the evaluation process with that.”

Maybe there’s a message there to Campbell, Huff and Khalid Wooten about their potential to seize a spot.

Maybe after the game, and the one after that, we’ll see the Titans scour the waiver wire for an option they feel better about as part of the depth.

If I am ranking the team’s depth right now, returners are No. 1 with Leon Washington, Dexter McCluster and Marc Mariani.

And cornerback is last.

My current Titans depth rankings

1: Returners

2: Defensive line

3: Offensive line

4: Running back

5: Linebackers

6: Safeties

7: Tight ends

8: Wide receivers

9: Quarterbacks

10: Cornerbacks