McShay, Kiper discuss Titans and 11th pick

Earlier Thursday in a video, I wondered if the Tennessee Titans would make a move on a quarterback if one of the top three slipped to No. 11 in May's NFL draft.

ESPN draft gurus Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. touch on the same question in this podcast.

At around 20:30, their discussion turns to Tennessee and the 11th pick in the draft.

McShay says poor accuracy and decision-making offset Jake Locker’s best qualities. Locker is much more accurate under crisis and when he’s on the run than when he’s inside the pocket when things are clear and the picture is clear too, says McShay.

If Teddy Bridgewater is available when the 11th pick arrives, McShay would have no issue with the Titans tabbing him. That may not be their plan but plans have to shift on draft day based on what unfolds.

Kiper thinks the Titans are at a major crossroads. Beyond Locker, they have a laundry list of names that are at a point where we’ll find out if they’re decent or can make the jump to very good.

The Titans' roster is better than a lot of people give the team credit for, says McShay. It comes down to the quarterback as it does in so many situations.

“If you put Andrew Luck with this team, you’d be talking about a potential Super Bowl team,” McShay said.

McShay seems higher on the Titans overall than Kiper is.

There are some similarities to the Seattle Seahawks of a few years ago, McShay says. The Seahawks were building their offensive line and adding a lot of pieces and were ready to make a big jump when they found their quarterback in Russell Wilson.

Tennessee needs to take some chances while it looks to break in a quarterback this year and next.