NFLN survey/player safety: Titans

ESPN.com asked 320 players in an anonymous survey if they’d play in the Super Bowl with a concussion.

I was not surprised that 85 percent of them said yes. Guys work their whole football lives to get to that game. If they get there, no matter how sensible they are about head trauma, they are going to want to be a part of helping their team win.

Of the 10 Titans I spoke to for the survey, nine said they’d play. And of those nine, only one hesitated before answering.

In the same survey, players were asked to answer true or false to this: The NFL is committed to player safety.

Sixty percent said true. I’m a bit surprised it’s that high. I think some players would say true, but given a chance to expound they’d say they don’t necessarily care for the league’s approach to player safety in some areas.

I’m certain Tennessee’s defensive backs, two of whom were fined for hits in 2013, would say they aren’t wild about the way the league is addressing player safety with regard to penalizing hits on defenseless receivers.