Comparing Munchak to other 2011 hires

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- John Fox is in Year 3 of his tenure in Denver.

He’s got Peyton Manning at quarterback, which puts him in a better situation than any other coach who was hired in 2011.

A top-flight quarterback obviously keys an organization.

"You definitely feel that you’re growing as a team otherwise it’s a lot of hard work for nothing, but I feel that we’ve improved in the three years," Fox said. "I guess my point is we’re not satisfied."

Of the eight head coaches hired in the NFL in 2011 -- including Jason Garrett who took over for Wade Phillips in Dallas late in 2012 -- Munchak currently ranks sixth in winning percentage.

Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco

2011: 13-3

2012: 11-4-1

2013: 8-4

Overall: 32-11-1, .727

Quarterback situation: Drafted Colin Kaepernick in the second round in 2011. He was a Super Bowl quarterback last year, but isn’t the same guy this season.

Biggest additions: Kaepernick, linebacker Aldon Smith (draft 2011), receiver Anquan Boldin (trade 2012).

Status: Rock solid.

John Fox, Denver

2011: 8-8

2012: 13-3

2013: 10-2

Overall: 31-13, .705

Quarterback situation: Peyton Manning is putting up monster numbers and appears on track for another MVP.

Biggest additions: Linebacker Von Miller (draft 2011), Manning (free agent 2012), receiver Wes Welker (free agent 2013).

Status: Rock solid.

Jason Garrett, Dallas (interim in late 2010)

2011: 8-8

2012: 8-8

2013: 7-5

Overall: 23-21, .534

Quarterback situation: Tony Romo is productive and talented, but has a reputation for folding at crunch time.

Biggest additions: Left tackle Tyron Smith (draft 2011), cornerback Brandon Carr (free agent 2012), center Travis Frederick (draft 2013).

Status: Constant public questions, public support from his owner.

Ron Rivera, Carolina

2011: 6-10

2012: 7-9

2013: 9-3

Overall: 22-22, .500

Quarterback situation: Cam Newton is playing well as the Panthers are 9-3 and challenging for the NFC South title.

Biggest additions: Newton (draft 2011), linebacker Luke Kuechly (draft 12), defensive tackle Star Lotulelei (draft 2013).

Status: Vastly improved.

Hugh Jackson, Oakland

2011: 8-8, fired

Overall: 8-8, .500

Status: Special assistant to the head coach/ running backs coach in Cincinnati.

Mike Munchak, Tennessee

2011: 9-7

2012: 6-10

2013: 5-7

Overall: 20-24, .454

Quarterback situation: Jake Locker showed signs he might be the guy, but he’s hurt and will miss 14 of 32 starts since he got the job in 2012. Backup Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing now.

Biggest additions: Defensive tackle Jurrell Casey (draft 2011), receiver Kendall Wright (draft 2012), strong safety Bernard Pollard (free agent 2013).

Status: Likely in trouble, but we know nothing about how the head of new ownership group, Tommy Smith, is leaning or will act.

Leslie Frazier, Minnesota

2011: 3-13

2012: 10-6

2013: 3-8-1

Overall: 16-27-1, .363

Quarterback situation: A complete mess. Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman have all started this year, and they’ve all been bad.

Biggest additions: Tight end Kyle Rudolph (draft 2011), safety Harrison Smith (draft 2012), receiver/returner Cordarelle Patterson (draft 2013).

Status: Likely to be finished with one year remaining on his contract.

Pat Shurmur, Cleveland

2011: 4-12

2012: 5-11, fired

Overall: 9-23, .281

Status: Offensive coordinator in Philadelphia.