Mailbag: Starting running back questions


Thanks for your tweets for the weekly Tennessee Titans mailbag. I always enjoy sorting throough what's on your mind.

Paul Kuharsky: I don't. Ken Whisenhunt doesn't script the start of games and his explanation makes sense. He's got plays he intends to get to early and he's got plays he likes for the situations the Titans are bound to face. But he calls them as things unfold, not by a predetermined plan. Which is fine. And he'll have some he thinks can get the offense going.

Paul Kuharsky: This team with these running backs is looking to use all of them, not for someone to emerge as what you call a starter. Who begins the game is irrelevant in their situation, and they are hardly alone in the NFL. I know it's inconvenient for fantasy purposes. But for football purposes, they are fine doing what they are doing.

Paul Kuharsky: He had a bad half. Granted, it was an awful half. But Jake Locker played far better after halftime. Quarterbacks who are a lot better than Locker have had awful halves before. This isn't sparking any move toward Zach Mettenberger. It would take quite a bit more.

Paul Kuharsky: It's two games. Bishop Sankey has had eight carries. He looked pretty good and pretty explosive to me in Kansas City. Of course they are excited about him.

Paul Kuharsky: I think you're focused on the wrong thing. There will come a time when he gets more touches. And the question is about the distribution of the work. Who goes first isn't very important. Shonn Greene is averaging 5.6 yards a carry so far. What's the problem with him being first or getting the most touches at this point?

Paul Kuharsky: Why would you be looking to bench either of those two guys? Whisenhunt just pretty much blasted Justin Hunter. I don't know why you'd presume he'd respond well against a good defense. The time to look for Hunter to be a big fantasy guy is the week after he has a big week. And even then, you'd be nuts to play him ahead of Keenan Allen or Brandon Marshall. Bet you drafted those two well ahead of where you drafted Hunter. Play your high picks.

Paul Kuharsky: I think Gio Bernard has a lot better offense around him than Jamaal Charles does. I don't think they will hold the combo of Bernard and Jeremy Hill down the way they held Charles down. I don't think they get run over by them the way the got run over by DeMarco Murray either. Somewhere in between. Where there is a lot of room.