RGIII's struggles have Redskins reeling

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Robert Griffin III and the Redskins are off to a slow start this season.

As a reminder, Total QBR is a quarterback rating that takes into account all of a QB’s significant contributions (passing, rushing, sacks, fumbles, penalties) to his team’s scoring and winning and summarizes them into one number on a 0-100 scale, where 50 is average. Since 2008, the team with the higher QBR has won about 85 percent of the time. Complete QBR statistics for all quarterbacks can be found here.

RGIII continues slow start

Robert Griffin III had a Total QBR of 11.9 in the first quarter Sunday, continuing a familiar trend this season. Griffin has a Total QBR of 1.8 in the first quarter this season and is completing 46.7 percent of his passes in the opening 15 minutes.

Compare that to the final three quarters, where RG III’s Total QBR increases to 39.5 and he completes over 65 percent of his passes.

Griffin has posted a Total QBR under 50 in five career games, including all three this season. He has a Total QBR of 26.6 on the season, which ranks 30th out of 34 QBs. Last year his Total QBR was 69.3 through three weeks (11th in NFL).

One reason why Griffin was successful last season was his running ability, with the second-highest rush EPA among quarterbacks after Week 3 (5.52). His expected points added on rushes this season is -0.25 and he has attempted just 15 rushes through three games.

Overturned TD costs Redskins

With 9:15 remaining in the fourth quarter, Robert Griffin III completed a pass for 57 yards to Aldrick Robinson that was originally called a touchdown, and would have given the Washington Redskins a 23-20 lead (pending the PAT).

However, replay showed that Robinson dropped the ball. According to ESPN Stats & Information's win probability calculator, the Redskins’ win probability was 42.8 percent after the play was ruled incomplete. Had it been ruled a touchdown, Washington’s win probability would have been 69.5 percent.

Kaepernick can't connect

Colin Kaepernick had a Total QBR of 11.8 against the Indianapolis Colts, his lowest in any career start. After posting a Total QBR of 89.8 in Week 1, Kaepernick has struggled in the last two weeks, especially with his downfield passing.

Colin Kaepernick This Season

He is 2-of-13 (15.4 percent) on throws more than 10 yards downfield in the last two weeks, after completing 52.6 percent of such throws against the Packers to open the season.

Quick Hitters

Tony Romo posted a Total QBR of 96.7 against the Rams, the highest by any quarterback in a game this season. It was Romo’s third-highest Total QBR in the last five seasons.

Eli Manning had a Total QBR of 11.4 Sunday, only the third time in the last five seasons he posted a Total QBR under 15 in a game. Manning was sacked seven times, the third most in his career, and completed one of his seven passes thrown at least 15 yards downfield. Manning’s Total QBR of 34.9 this season is his lowest through three weeks in the last eight seasons.

Aaron Rodgers had a Total QBR of 33.3 against the Cincinnati Bengals, his third lowest in the last three seasons. Rodgers was 1-of-6 against five or more pass rushers and has a Total QBR of 15.2 against added pressure this season, on pace to be his lowest in six seasons as the starter (68.0)